a petition denounces new cabaret called ‘n-word ball’ set to open in paris

February 3, 2017

Colonial nostalgia… Some people still can’t seem to get over it. This is 2017 and entrepreneur Guillaume Cornut wants to open a cabaret in Paris called ‘Le Bal Nègre’ (‘N-word Ball’ in French).
While the phrase ‘Bal Nègre’ has had different meanings in French over the years, people are shocked by the white owner’s nostalgia for colonialism and his very disconnected way of using the N-word today. On the official website, we are told that this nostalgia includes the “colonial exhibition” of 1931 (see screen capture below).
Reminder: this exhibition included human zoos (!)
To add insult to injury, some officials support the project, a project that doesn’t even seem to include any Black people in the organization or on the line-up.
A petition has been launched to demand a change of name for the venue, and the removal of any and all references to colonialism and slavery as joyous time that should be celebrated, even in a “nostalgic” way.



Screen shot of the venue’s official website: