that “feel-good” story about white men tipping a black waitress is white fragility bs

January 26, 2017

Perhaps you’ve seen the video or heard the story of a group of white men tipping a Black waitress and writing “Not Race. Not Gender. Just American.” on the receipt? And perhaps you thought to yourself, well that was considerably less terrible than the other things they could have written as a note, perhaps we they deserve a pat on the back? Well, get a grip because it’s not. They don’t deserve a cookie. They don’t deserve media outlet coverage and press for days on end. They do not get pass go and collect $500, although that sounds like white privilege in a nutshell. They’re expressing that colorblindness and assimilation are more important than justice and equality. They’re saying, we don’t see your color (then why draw attention to it) and we don’t care that you’re a woman (but we also want to make sure you know you’re different), so let’s all just be happy under the stars and stripes. NOPE. Don’t let their white guilt and fragility fool you. This is not unity. This is not radical. This is meaningless.