stream folky alternative r&b singer aisha badru float through ethereal skies on “mind on fire”

January 11, 2017

Up and coming singer-songwriters are a dime a dozen in NYC, but from Yonkers? That’s not what you hear everyday and Aisha Badru is far from run of the mill. Her new single “Mind on Fire” is a delicate ballad with alternative pop and soulful R&B soundscapes, and her vocals are reminiscent of Willow Smith’s, a lightweight departure from the standard and leans toward the carefree vibes of folk. In her own words, “The song is about the revolutionary spirit that dwells inside all of us that often gets smothered underneath the mundane obligations and limitations imposed by society that keep our heads down and our attention focused on the small details of our lives which in turn prevents us from correcting the flaws that exist in the current state of the world. My goal as an artist is to re-light that flame. I hope to encourage people to have the confidence to lift their heads up, live from the heart, and create a reality we all feel proud to live in.” With a mission like that and a new project coming in February 2017, Aisha Badru has a new fan in all of us and we think she’ll make a fan out of you too. Stream “Mind on Fire” below and support this rising star via Soundcloud and Facebook!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor