pure hell: how four black kids changed the face of punk in the 70’s

January 3, 2017
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How well do you know your punk history? I’m sure in recent years you’ve gotten well versed on Bad Brains and Death, the bands that helped shape the hardcore and punk sound, but are you hip to Pure Hell? Bad Brains holds the spot for most influential punk band, Black or otherwise, in many folks’ eyes, it would be a grave mistake to ignore another forefather to this genre. 70s punk band Pure Hell was Philadelphia bred and gained notoriety after being discovered by Curtis Knight, which eventually led to them to be based and welcomed primarily in the UK. Roktober Magazine said, “Their recordings boast all the unaffected grime of the Dead Boys, the far-sighted musicality of the Voidoids, the metallic heft of the Stooges, excellent guitar playing, powerful vocals, a propulsive rhythm section…” all the makings of a seminal punk band. Although they only released on UK single during their “prime,” they followed with an album nearly 30 years later in 2005 entitled “Noise Addiction.” Nowadays, they’re doing selective performances and supporting Philly’s punk scene. Check out their sights & sounds below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

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