premiere: la singer locke dazzles on his funky alt-pop single “rendezvous” ft. kaleena zanders

January 24, 2017

LA is for the dreamers and Locke is dreaming big! This Houston native is bringing the funk on this alternative pop track. Locke says, “When I wrote Rendezvous I wanted to speak to the sacred space between lovers. I loved the idea of writing a song with lyrics detailing a ‘salacious rendezvous’ juxtaposed with elements of the sound of a gospel choir (a nod to my Southern Baptist upbringing). […] In a world where people are often sexually repressed and oppressed by external factors, including organized religion, Rendezvous is a celebration of the magic that can exist between people once we strip away the white noise.” At a time where sex and sexuality are being policed more than ever, it’s important for singers and artists to speak out with their creative forms against those trying to silence the people. This song is just as much political commentary as it is fun groove and the featured artist brings a nice soulful balance to the digital, synth-based instrumentation that characterizes Locke’s sound. He also said, “Having Kaleena on the track adds that special secret sauce. Her voice has such a rich, soulful growl that commands the listener. She is a dear friend of mine, and I’m honored to have her on the track.” And we’re honored to premiere it. Stream “Rendezvous” ft. Kaleena Zanders below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor