nyc retro soul singer k sloan is bringing the motown sound on her new swaying single “stay”

January 25, 2017

Motown’s distinctive brand of soul is one of a kind and K Sloan, the NYC-based retro soul singer is tapping into that wavelength effortlessly on her new single “Stay.” The simple bassline provides the perfect backdrop for shimmering strings and a melody reminiscent of “Stay” by Ben E. King, an interpolation on the classic with a very different message. K Sloan says, “‘Stay’ is a song for the woman who’s had enough. It’s a song for all the women that are deeply hurting. It’s song for women who never learned that the universe only brings us the love we think we deserve and that all those empty promises couldn’t possibly fill your cup […[ Overall I want “Stay” to be a mantra of love, an affirmation that life will open its doors for infinite compassion, adoration and respect, just as soon as you say “it is done.” What many learn the hard way is that not staying in a relationship doesn’t mean that you don’t love the partner you’re leaving. Instead, it’s an affirmation that the love you possess for yourself is greater than whatever pain, stress or strife that relationship is giving you. If this is any indication of how K Sloan’s EP “Blank Pages” is going to sound, we’re in from a beautifully nostalgic addition to the sound of soul, complete with production by Swang for RSP Experiment and contributions from Frederique Gnaman, Frederika Krier, Jen Herman, Jillian Blythe, Shareef Clayton, Athen White and Noelle Romeo. Stream “Stay” by K Sloan and be inspired to find the courage to do what’s best for you!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Photos by Isabel Figueroa