new music: san antonio blues / soul band lonely horse stands defiant on their new single ‘devil in the white house’ #soundcheck

January 23, 2017

Since November, there’s been a new meme every week insisting that we can stop Trump’s presidency with this One Weird Trick, but here we are. As AFROPUNK BOTB Winner 2014 Lonely Horse sings on their triumphant new single: there’s a “Devil in the White House.” 3 days in, and the administration is wasting no time rolling back as many progressive victories of the past century as they can get their hands on. There’s no untested forgotten Constitutional trick that will undo it, but we can (and must) speak truth to power every chance we get. It’s why tracks like “Devil in the White House” matter so much. Not just because it’s a damn good song. Art gives us language to talk about these things. It gives us the inspiration to be defiant. Blast this track, then write your own. Then get in the streets and shut shit down.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor