new music: lynette williams ‘love thee, not chaos’ is a beautifully urgent plea for compassion #soundcheck

January 10, 2017

Whatever you do, don’t put Lynette Williams on in the background. The songs on Love Thee, Not Chaos are deceptively simple, but emotionally and spiritually complex. Accompanied by just her acoustic guitar, and an occasional piano, the spare arrangements put the focus squarely where they should be: on Lynette Williams stunning voice. “No Difference,” “Tengo,” and “Au Revoir” focus on love lost, while “Savage” places its lens on the chaos part of the EP’s title. Taking aim at those who use religion as an excuse to commit atrocities, it’s a much needed plea for more compassion in the world. Whether singing about the lost love between two people or the love between peoples, Lynette Williams’s voice and heart is tragically rare and incredibly necessary.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor