new music: dc hardcore band pure disgust pulls no punches on their self titled lp #soundcheck

January 13, 2017

Maybe it’s just because I grew up in DC’s sister scene in Boston, but I’ve always seen DC Hardcore as the gold standard of punk rock. There’s something about that sound. An often imitated, rarely captured mix of laser-focused rage and unadorned musicality that explodes in bursts of social criticism and honest introspection that’s hard to pin down, but when it hits, it fucking hits. And holy shit. Pure Disgust has it.

There’s not a bad track on their self-titled LP. This is classic DCHC in its purest form. Most of the tracks focus their rage on police violence and respectability politics, leading to standouts “Respectability,” “Slander Me,” and “Agents of the Machine.” But the album’s finest hour comes when they shift the lens to white liberals and false allies. “White silence is compliance / White silence is violence / You claim you’re for equality but only when it affects you.”

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor