four french students create campus group to celebrate black hair at their elite university

January 23, 2017
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Black America often takes for granted the permeation and reverence (albeit sometimes fetishization) of Black culture in the States. Natural hair has become somewhat synonymous with wokeness and is growing in its acceptance and prevalence in the US, while our kinfolk in Europe are still fighting the good fight against assimilation. Three students at SciencesPo, one of the most prestigious schools in France, have created a campus group to encourage the discussion, celebration and cultural exchange surrounding Black hair in all its manifestations. The students Rejane Pacquit, Kemi Adekoya, Loubna Banu and Frank Gbaguidi met each other while attending SciencesPo and in their final year, have decided to create a community for frizzy, curly, kinky Black hair to shine. To learn more about the project and join the conversation, like SciencesCurls on Facebook and enjoy the photos below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Photos courtesy of Trace.TV and SciencesPo