breast cancer patient ericka hart delivers breathtaking speech topless at philadelphia women’s march

January 24, 2017

Most people have heard the age old advice of pretending their audience is naked to get through public speaking. Breast cancer patient Ericka Hart flipped that notion on its head, donning her double mastectomy scars in the open during her speech at the Philadelphia Women’s March on inauguration day. Hart, who is no stranger to showing the effects of the disease on her body, was extremely poignant and succinct in her her speech, critiquing not only the presidency and the new administration, but the protesters themselves. One of the most widespread symbols of the marches nationwide were pink hats to combat the statement the president made about “grabbing p*ssy.” Ericka fought back against that limited notion of womanhood stating plainly that “Not everyone who identifies as a woman has a pussy, nor does your identity as a woman have anything to do with pussy.” This limited view of femme identity leaves queer, gender nonconforming and trans people at the margins and centers white women who often refuse to look outside of their specific issues. Stream Ericka’s full speech below and get some insight into the mind and perspective of this amazing woman.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor