afro-caribbean psychiatrist and post-colonial philosopher frantz fanon gets immortalized with new documentary

January 5, 2017

The life and works of revolutionary psychoanalyst and post-colonial philosopher Frantz Fanon will soon be the subject of a new documentary. Born in Martinique, Fanon’s prolific work psychoanalyzed racial oppression and how oppressed groups survive in and navigate White Society. One of his most important pieces, ‘Black Skin, White Masks’, through a post-colonial lens, explored how colonialism creates psychological and cultural insecurities within black and minority communities through otherization and forced assimilation. Though Fanon lost his battle against leukemia and lived to be just 36 years old, his intellectual contributions have impacted national liberation and decolonization movements around the world. To honor Fanon’s legacy, director Hassan Mezine and The Frantz Fanon Foundation have teamed up to produce a documentary about the philosophers life and work. Half-way complete with the project, the documentary team is raising funds to extend the length and production quality of the doc to showcase the completeness of Fanon’s revolutionary thinking to an even larger audience. Watch the trailer for the documentary down below and check out the team’s GoFundMe page to learn how you can help bring the project to life.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor


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