video premiere: uk alt-pop singer iris gold is back with this quirky, playful video for tune, ‘goodvibes’

December 8, 2016

London’s finest alternative pop starlet is coming strong with the visuals for her new project ‘The Marsha Hunt Mixtape’ and the latest is a playful video for ‘Goodvibes.’ As usual, her rock roots are showing, with a heavy emphasis on drums and vocals to carry the song, and her voice gives off the grainy quality necessary to balance the static electronic synths. Definite hip hop and dancehall vibes infiltrate her delivery, which is to say that it’s bouncy and slightly staccato, and in sync with the trends of the day. This gorgeous gem, armed with goodvibes and great music, is sure to turn your frowns upside down. Enjoy ‘Goodvibes’ by Iris Gold below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor