video premiere: soulful rock songstress mayaeni evokes a tender vulnerability in new visual for “break me”

December 12, 2016

Breaking down walls is a necessary evil when dealing with intimate relationships. Whether it be our closest friends or those who we’re trying to build romantic partnerships with, it’s sometimes difficult to let go of the walls surrounding the parts of ourselves that aren’t easy to let people see. Singer Mayaeni combines rock and R&B effortlessly in a new song dealing with exactly that, the vulnerability of wanting to express emotions to someone but not knowing exactly how to start. The video, directed and shot in Mayaeni’s own home, is reminiscent of a film negative and throughout the video it begins to brighten to show the full range of color she’s capable of exposing when her lover has gotten past the barriers. Mayaeni says the song and video is somewhat a metaphor for “how one may feel trusting someone new with their heart.” She also described the process of making the video saying, “I decided to shoot & edit “Break Me” by myself at home because I wanted to capture the raw emotion that the song portrays. I consider myself a shy person and it takes time and effort to open up to someone and trust them with my heart. As I have been hurt a great deal in my past, it has gotten harder for me to trust. This is exactly what the song is about and it is why the video is so sincere.” Dive deep into this pool of vulnerability and stream “Break Me” by Mayaeni below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Photo by Johnny Nevin