These portraits of African Americans at Standing Rock celebrate solidarity

December 14, 2016

Solidarity is one of the most powerful tools that people of color and marginalized communities have to fight the oppression we face. In solidarity, all struggles are worth fighting for, all progress is shared, and all resources are made towards the attainment of freedom. The #NoDAPL movement has seen its share of struggles, but recently, a major step forward has been made, as the US Army Engineer Corps and President Barack Obama have halted the construction of the pipeline. This movement was spearheaded by the brave Natives for whom it would immediately impact, but a hefty showing of Black supporters were also present. Take a look at portraits by Avery White, who captured some of these freedom fighters in Standing Rock.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Dr.1367rnel West visits Standing Rock

Kane Wolf is an Apache descendant from the South Side of Chicago. " If you’re coming here for spiritual enlightenment you came to the wrong place. We’re here to fight. We’ve been doing this for 500 years, and it’s the same fight. Water or oil? You just go

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