new music: eugenius explores his warring halves on the dense and atmospheric ‘create of habit, habits of creatures’ #soundcheck

December 1, 2016

This much is for damn sure, Phillip Smith does nothing half-assed. The vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist cut his teeth playing in punk and hardcore bands before branching into indie and soul with Silent tongues and hip-hop Eugenius in 2007. His disparate sides get reunited on the Silent tongues / Eugenius split LP Creature of Habit, Habits of Creatures released this past month. The full length spans 17 tracks, features a huge photo zine, and dense psychological lyrics and deep atmospherics. Highlights, like the Silent tongues track “Hold my breath” and the Eugenius opener “Feral” come when Smith indulges in his most theatrical tendencies, crafting mini-epics that build from a whisper to a cacophony. While the LP may blur the line between the two projects, it showcases a singular voice, worthy of attention.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor