18-year-old photographer ian souza celebrates brazil’s black consciousness day with new photo series

December 5, 2016

Late last month, Brazil celebrated Black Consciousness Day 2016. A tribute to the 1695 murder of Zumbi dos Palmares—a free-born Afro-Brazilian and the last military leader of the Quilombo (a “Kimbundu word: “kilombo,” of the North Mbundu Bantu language in Angola, meaning “warrior village or settlement”), a haven and resistance movement for escaped African slaves. Zumbi’s death now symbolic of the black liberation movement and the fight against white oppression in Brazil and is honored by this holiday and used as a time for reflection. In step with that sentiment, 18 year old photographer Ian Souza celebrated the November 20th holiday by capturing some beautiful local Afro-Brazilians, and today’s resistance fighters, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Models: Larissa Santos, Regina Paixão, Ruan Silva, and Kauane Santos

Photographer Ian Souza Magalhães
Instagram: @iscaptures