10 times #blackboyjoy rocked our world in 2016

December 23, 2016

2016 was the year that Black boys and men shined despite the world trying to steal their light. Black boys are love and life and living and joyful. Let’s keep supporting one another and revel in joy. Witness 10 moments of #BlackBoyJoy in 2016!

1. 21-year-old Jewell Jones elected to Michigan’s State Senate! Local elections matter.

2. Jesse Williams’ powerful and thought-provoking acceptance speech at the BET Awards

3. Meet Moziah Bridges, the teen designer and entrepreneur who created bow line Mo’s Bows

4. Chance the Rapper for being… well, Chance the Rapper. Black Boy Joy on a milli.

5. 26-year-old Michael Tubbs became the first Black mayor of Stockton, CA!

6. Photography: I mean, do we even need an explanation? #BlackBoyJoy #NeverGetsOld.



7. Colin Kaepernick’s empowering ‘Know Your Rights’ camp for kids

8. Donald Glover killing the television & music games without missing a beat, with his TV show ‘Atlanta’ and his new Childish Gambino album!

9. Tristan Walker’s Bevel shaving kits casually becoming the ultimate brand for Black men

10. AFROSTREAM founders Tonjé Bakang and Ludovic Bostral extended the streaming service to over 24 African countries this year! AFROSTREAM is like Netflix, but dedicated to Black content. Congrats!