video premiere: watch punk rocker omega sirius moon break through the darkness in new visual for “noir”

November 4, 2016

Black and bold and proud are all adjectives that adeptly describe Omega Sirius Moon, but don’t quite encapsulate the new visual she just dropped for single, “NOIR.” You’d have to add angsty, intense, and poignant to the description and even then you’d be missing something. The black-and-white visual is colorless to match the cold and calculating demeanor of OSM in the video and in the song’s lyrics. OSM says that, “NOIR is a visual and poetic expression of the angst, anxiety and isolation felt by People of Color, Free Thinkers and the Creatively Liberated in a rapidly regressing America. It’s a reminder that we are the light of this world, and paradoxically, the lubricant on the very machine that enslaves us.” Although punk has always been political, and Black music is inherently revolutionary, OSM pushes that narrative far and beyond the average artist. To her, “NOIR is a call to stay focused, to stay the course. A call to continue to excel, inspire and incite positive change on the planet in spite of all the impediments in our paths be they systemic or self imposed. And most importantly NOIR a call to all people to UNITE against the Machine.” If you’re ready for the movement within, stream the beautifully shot visual for “NOIR” below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor


Video and photo by Suzanne Abramson

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