new music: stream electro soul singer nosizwe’s impressive debut ‘in fragments’ produced by georgia anne muldrow #soundcheck

November 29, 2016

Nosizwe burst onto our radar 2 years ago with a series of promising singles, and with her debut full length In Fragments, she’s officially arrived. The electro soul singer’s record teems with bold ideas, powerful vocals, and lush arrangements that demand re-listening. From the enigmatic opening to “Songs From Nosizwe” a glitchy beat takes over merging the all-too-human vocals with a post-modern electronic jitter, for something simultaneously chill and unsettling.

The album hits its best heights when Nosizwe and producer Georgia Anne Muldrow explore depth and texture and keep the glitches just on the fringes. The horn riffs on “Hey Ya” are utterly captivating, while “Nordic Lights” boast the album’s biggest hook. The hashtag-dropping “Breathe” rides a loping piano sample and pumping beat to mourn those lost to white supremacy and colonialism. Guest verses by Guilty Simpson and Nalma Mclean elevate the haunting atmosphere of Nosizwe’s vocals, closing in a stunning call and response. For all of its debts to 90s neo-soul, In Fragments is the rare album where skits and interludes actually add to the feel and aren’t just something to wait through or skip. Credit Georgia Anne Muldrow, who’s on something of a Midas run right now, and here turns up some of her best work, keeping the sound both cohesive and varied through a dozen twists and turns. We can only hope for more of this collaboration, as it’s clearly brought out the best in both artists.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor