new music: kevin abstract’s new tracks are the music we need right now in the face of bigotry #soundcheck

November 11, 2016

Kevin Abstract’s been on the rise since his 2014 mixtape MTV1987. His latest, American Boyfriend is set to drop November 18th, and the performer just unveiled 2 tracks from it, the addictive “Yellow,” and the identity politics anthem “Miserable America.” Opening with the lines “I just want help if, my best friend’s racist / My mother’s homophobic, I’m stuck in the closet / I’m still claustrophobic, I just wanna know shit / Well we all love Young Thug,” Kevin Abstract throws the intersection of race and sexuality into the blender with heartbreak and pensive guitars. The song explodes into a joyful release of “I don’t care no more” that’s impossible not to join in with. There’s something liberating in throwing your hands up and screaming “well fuck it all then!” But rather than a celebration of apathy, this is an epitaph for caring too much, and refusing to let the bullshit of the world weigh you down. This is the song America needs right now. Like a month ago.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor