new music: east london alt-rockers sonitus balance introspection and intensity in new ep “kleptocracy”

November 18, 2016

Sonitus has finally released their EP “Kleptocracy,” a 7-track journey through their collective imagination. “Kleptocracy” is a succinct offering, brief but brimming with realized potential, searing honesty, artful lyrics, and an overall vibe of intimacy. Led by the vocals of singers Russell Balogun and Dein Moore, Sonitus is reminiscent of the worldly pop-rock of of the 2000s, with more aggression and urgency behind each of the lyrics and even more intensity behind the instrumentation. Initially brought together by a passion for prog, alt-rock and adventurism, counting Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, Incubus and Animals As Leaders among their inspirations, Russell and Dein, along with guitarist Nathan Chan, bassist Scott Bacon, and drummer Romulo Heredia are also bonded by exceptional musicianship. The band’s dexterity endows their songs with a distinctively expressive touch, where intricate passages, dynamic textures and raw power lend the material sensitivity, colour and heft. The quintet’s debut EP, “Kleptocracy” was recorded at Urchin Studios in Hackney with Dan Cox and Matt Ingram and produced by Sonïtus’ Nathan. The EP is a testament to Sonitus’ willingness to push boundaries and incorporate a wealth of influences. My personal favorite is “Predators,” a slow, restrained ballad, with the makings of a really beautiful story. Stream “Kleptocracy” in full below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor