forget the muslim registry, someone created white male registry “to help keep america safe”

November 21, 2016

For the white right, Trump supporters, and Islamaphobes across the land of the free, the thought of a Muslim registry makes them tingle with bigoted glee. For the rest of us, it should be a terrifying thought, and even more of a reason to be politically engaged, so as to avoid other registries from popping up. It’s all too reminiscent of Nazi Germany, where ethnic and religious minorities were registered, sequestered, and eventually killed for just existing, all in the name of national security. But there is a demographic that statistically is more of a threat to America than any other. Who you might ask? Well, white men, of course. Brooklyn-based woman, Candace Thompson, created a tongue-in-cheek registration form for members of this most dangerous demographic in a Facebook post that went viral. She said, “Forget the nation of Islam, our most immediate threat to domestic security is and always has been white, straight men. That is why I have decided to do my part as a Red Blooded Patriot by creating The White Male Registry. It is a simple google form complete with questions that will help identify just how much of a threat to American security any individual white male may pose to the general public.” Who’s up first? Donald Trump? Steve Bannon, his new chief strategist and notorious white supremacist? It seems that the list could go on forever.

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