brazilian photographer celebrates afrobrazilian identity and oneness with nature in the akofá series by afrobapho and joão santana

November 1, 2016

Yoruba religion is one of the most pervasive African religions in existence, with its influence extending far past the shores of West Africa from whence it came. In Brazil, candomble is a descendant of this religion, with orixas stemming directly from Yoruba deities. It is here that João Santana finds himself inspired and it is from their history he is compelled to capture their essence in his photo essay Akofá. João also aspired to make this photo series a visual analysis of the beauty of Blackness in all of its manifestations. From nappy hair in braids and afros, to sexual identity with bi, trans, and queerness within the Black community, he makes it clear that all forms of humanity and Blackness are welcome. Invoking the spirit of Lógunèdé, the son of Oxum and Oxossi, he delivers an unforgettable collection of images of Blackness. See the full project below:

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Photography by João Santana
Models: Alan Costa, Isabela Cerqueira, and Diego Alcantara
With support from Afrobapho and Projeto Ativa