video premiere: watch grammy winning composer andrew joslyn connect with soul singer will jordan for elegant orchestral visual for “plastic heaven”

October 24, 2016

It’s rare that classically trained composers try their hand at creating pop music, but if Andrew Joslyn is any indication, more of them should throw their hat in the ring. In his new video for “Plastic Heaven,” he taps Will Jordan, the two shine in a sea of string arrangements, orchestral percussion, and a Will’s voice seals the deal. Andrew had this to say about the creative process behind the songwriting: “Plastic Heaven is a song that I started writing when Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won all their Grammy’s back when the ‘Heist’ blew up. I was with them for that show, and the whole thing completely floored me – especially the insanity of celebrity culture, and people’s fascination and obsession with it. I wanted to create a song that addressed the insanity and loneliness of it all, just the sycophants, crazed fans, and the shallow appearances. The song also addresses people’s individual obsession with social media, and how it is incredibly misleading to what real life looks like. Essentially we are all curators of our own ghostly digital museums. Will Jordan – the featured vocalist, had the soulful yearning, but pained reflection that I wanted to really communicate this tragedy that is a now a mainstay of current social culture.” The director of the video Garrett Gibbons used dance, mirrors, cameras and a theatrical stage to convey the emptiness of self-obsession and suggested that our social media personalities are often shaped by heavily staged, carefully-selected moments that tell a narrative about ourselves that we wish to project. Many of the characters in this music video are cautionary examples of the jealousy and cynicism that this process can foster. What’s most intriguing to me about this visual is the juxtaposition of the plastic nature of those seeking fame in the video and the lush, elegant sounds that accompany them. It’s like Andrew is asking himself these questions and looking for answers from all of us listening. I hope he finds them, but until then, I hope each of you enjoys the visual for “Plastic Heaven” below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Directed by Garrett Gibbons

Photo courtesy of Andrew Joslyn

Music & Lyrics by Andrew Joslyn
co-producer Andrew Joslyn
co-producer Martin Feveyear
Mixed by Martin Feveyear
Additional Engineering – Carson Lehman
Mastered by Glenn Schick
Recorded at Andrew Joslyn Music Studios, London Bridge Studios, and Jupiter Studios
Vocals by Will Jordan
Violin, Viola, Cello, Baritone Violin, Piano, Percussion, Synth, Drum production, Engineering & Backup Vocals by Andrew Joslyn
Andrew Joslyn Orchestra conducted by Andrew Joslyn
Violins: Sada Doup, Christopher Foerstel, Alina To, Andrew Joslyn
Violas: Seth May-Patterson, Brianna Atwell
Cellos: Rebecca Chung-Filice, Eli Weinberger
Bass: Abbey Blackwell
Flute – Dane Anderson
Bassoon – Majenka Dobes
French Horn – Josiah Boothby
Drum Production – Budo, Martin Feveyear & Andrew Joslyn
Album artwork – Derek Vander Griend
Management – 2 Jeffs on Music