video premiere: watch folky indie duo lewis del mar get free and dream in new hues in new visual for “painting (masterpiece)”

October 20, 2016

Lewis Del Mar is the Rockaway Beach duo with the vibes and the sound to match. Their newest video “Painting (Masterpiece) is a brilliant depiction of the spirit of the song, which is from their self-titled album that dropped just two weeks ago. The lead singer, Danny Miller, brings strong, yet ebbing vocals while Max Harwood’s production takes on a pop-infused folk vibe. The video tells the story of a young woman making beauty out of thin air and the strength required to imagine in today’s world. They sing about moving on and pushing yourself past your obstacles with “If you want it, you can have it, every color that you see, see, see.” The set takes on a 70s/80s vibe nostalgic of classic television shows, and brings home the feeling that Lewis Del Mar is a band intent on using their international influences to bring a contemporary flair. Lewis Del Mar themselves had this to say:

“Coming of age in a time of excess has forced us, as artists, to focus on simplicity. “Painting (Masterpiece)” is likely the most simple, and straightforward song on our album, and one that very closely mirrors our personal experience. We wanted a video that embodied this idea, but that also reflected the more elaborate subtext to the lyrics.

On the surface, “Painting” is an optimistic song about fulfilling potential. It is based on the initial dose of courage we experienced when moving to New York City. The feeling that, all of the sudden, anything was possible. But, by the end of the song, when Danny sings about the landlord repainting the apartment, this initial feeling of courage is revealed to be naive. The notion of painting, of creating, becomes a fleeting desire to declare your existence, to rebel against your mortality, and to make yourself known in a city of millions.

In the same way that our excessive pride was humbled by the city, and that the landlord paints over the bright colors, the scene of this video evolves and deconstructs. It’s a brief and honest portrayal into our group’s world. Five kids from diverse backgrounds, creating music in modern New York. And we were lucky enough to collaborate with our close friends Jason Sondock and Simon Davis in order to bring it to life.”

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By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Photo courtesy of Billboard

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