south african fashion designer rich mnisi combines luxury silhouettes and deep tones in daring summer 2017 collection

October 27, 2016

As far as men’s fashion is concerned, it’s rare to see designers break the mold. Sure, they’ll use “feminine” colors or play with texture, but really bold decisions rarely make it into the final collection. Enter Rich Mnisi, owner of menswear brand in his own name and an original aesthetic in his own right. The LISOF graduate and Africa Fashion International young Designer of the Year award recipient is catering to the idea of aspiration, young and free at heart, exploring the trove that the African continent has represented historically and contemporarily. Modernity, as it were, is not only a concept that Mnisi finds himself living in–with each collection, he’s urging menswear closer to realizing the future in fabric. Although one would classify the silhouettes as extremist, he also takes pride in the craftsmanship required of minimalism, and its seen in the very intentional construction of the garments. And luckily for the femme fatales envying the menswear creations, RICH MNISI has a collection for us too. Enjoy the summer 17 collection editorial below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor