premiere: philly post-punk duo king azaz confront their demons on fiery new album “spiritus mundi” + new visual, ‘numb’

October 21, 2016

Philly’s punk scene has been thriving for decades and the soundscapes from South Philly residents King Azaz is proof that that hasn’t changed a bit. The post-punk “queerdos” are taking the genre to new heights and expressing the tragedy of the lows in new single, “Numb,” from their album “Spiritus Mundi.” The seven track album is an amalgamation of experiences including but not limited to being marginalized by their communities and society, and the dark moments that everyone experiences. Christo, the singer and guitarist, said, “We both experience being marginalized in more “alternative” communities (both in Philly and elsewhere), and when we play it often kind of feels like a “fuck you” to the folks who choose to put us in boxes based on their respective perceptions of us.” In addition to their thoughts on breaking out of those boxes, they had this to say about their approach to their newest project, “We put a lot more thought/effort/intentionality into this record than we did Tunnels: Tunnels was definitely more a project that we made just for us. A tunnel is a closed and limited space: there are only a few people who can enter at any given time, going from point A to point B. With Spritus Mundi we wanted to open things up a bit more. At the same time though, personal growth and change are definitely still at the forefront with Spiritus Mundi, and at times it feels much more raw and vulnerable in its content.” The vulnerability certainly shows and “Numb” definitely makes us excited to delve into “Spiritus Mundi” as a whole. Watch the video for “Numb” and stream “Spiritus Mundi” in full below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor