poem: some people are the art themselves

October 31, 2016

Forgive me for the things I may do.
Forgive me for the things I comprehend
Forgive me for reading to seek.
Forgive me for the moments I want to lose control but hide behind my eyes to possibly spare your soul.
I’ve grown cold,
To only be warmed in grace by something greater than the one that I was limited to be.
truthfully, I think I’m getting closer to heaven

Not the words tainted and preached by the reverend.

I getting closer…

I can feel my higher wisdom catching the holy ghost, fighting against the demons that want to tie me in a choke hold.

None the less, I’m blessed.
I am so blessed

I now realize I don’t want a different life other than to be within mine.

I understand the word free.
I understand me.
I understand I’m a muthafucking “G”
for goddess
nothing but love & peace.
from now to eternity.

By Vene B, AFROPUNK contributor

Photographer: @joyannespanton
Model: VeneB
MUA: @face_beaterr
Retoucher: @photogangie