new music: lewis del mar delivers a bold unique sound on their self-titled debut #soundcheck

October 10, 2016

Though they’ve only been around for a year, Lewis Del Mar has quickly become one of the most buzzed about bands out there. Their unique mix of folk, hip-hop, glitch, and Latin American rhythms has turned heads all over, and on their debut self-titled album, the duo lives up to their promise.

The noisy beautiful “Such Small Scenes” kicks things off with a song that takes the Nicaraguan folk singer Danny Miller grew up with, filters it through the memory of 90s Nine Inch Nails, and slathers a dollop of soul on top. “Loud(y)” may be the song the band made their name on, but here the reactionary “ugh kids are so offended these days chill out everything’s fine” vibe cuts against an otherwise brilliantly produced indie pop gem. What to do when you love the way a song sounds but aren’t there for what it says? Le sigh. “14 Faces” and “Painting (Masterpiece)” quickly turn things around, delivering Lewis Del Mar’s best tracks on the album.

In the back half of the record, Miller tries his hand at playing the indie rock lothario. Though he never hits the self-loathingly conflicted heights of Twin Shadow, on “Tap Water Drinking,” the duo come damn close. It’s smart, sexy, and kinda sleazy. In that good way. This is hazy morning after music of the highest degree.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor