new music: chicago-based rapper mick jenkins fearlessly preaches the necessity of love in rhythmically mesmerizing new album ‘the healing component’

October 8, 2016

“You wanna know about the healing component?”

Amidst the constant stream of contradiction and confusion that permeates daily life, many are losing sight of their core. But, for Chicago-based rapper Mick Jenkins it is the daily struggle that has set the tone for one of the most satisfying, eye-opening listening experiences to touch rap in a while. His latest album: ‘The Healing Component’ is not only an expression, but a lesson; seasoning his cohesive tracks with continuous conversation, the rapper leaves little up to interpretation as he dissects the root of his cause, and the power of love. Weaving the necessity of conscious living  into your psyche, Jenkins exceeds the boundaries of his genre- making it so that the more you listen, the more know.

Riding the wave of success following his first album- ‘The Waters’– Jenkins stands grounded in his expression, solidifying his place in the art form, and making his voice heard. Top to bottom, the whole piece is a sermon, and while his deep, soothing voice shapes a new perspective for the black man, the audience is almost hypnotized, gripping to every word, and succumbing to the healing power of intention and lyricism. A thrilling addition to Jenkins’ ever-growing influence, ‘The Healing Component’ is exactly what we need. Check out your new favorite album below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor