new music: afropunk alum gaika channels the gritty streets of london’s underground in dark electronica ep “spaghetto”

October 18, 2016

The newest saga in the story of GAIKA has arrived. SPAGHETTO EP, the eight track project forming Act I of a three part audio-visual creative series, is a rush from start to finish. The futuristic sounds run the spectrum of electronic, while drawing influence from grime, dancehall, RnB and soul to create something wholly singular. With a relentless pulse, it is timeless and experimental, urban music for a connected global city. From GAIKA himself, “SPAGHETTO is a collection of love letters to humanity and individuals I’ve loved and lost. We are one, no matter how much they want to divide us. On some level this collection of songs and images are testament to the bonds we make as outsiders and the decisions we take through living with those bonds.” There’s a certain level of oneness found within the music GAIKA creates. He take listeners to their innermost selves by surrounding them with chaotic, abrasive sounds and forces them to face themselves. Stream GAIKA’s SPAGHETTO EP below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor