la all-femme punk band f u pay us is raw and raucous and ready to rage

October 31, 2016

There is no replacement for rawness in punk music. To me, it is the defining characteristic that makes punk special, the je ne sais quoi that catapults the ethos from safety to truth. In this regard, F U Pay Us, the LA punk trio from South Los Angeles, is a bold addition to the vigorous tenacity punk represents. Three femmes producing fearless, relentless music, overflowing with political commentary and feminist jabs. In their debut show video “Femmes To The Front,” lead vocalist Jasmine Nyende belts with her full frame gyrating, muscles in full form to get every single lyric from her heart to the audience. With Uhuru Moor and Sunshine backing her on guitar and drums respectively, there is literally no way F U Pay Us won’t bring the establishment to its knees. Stream “Femmes To The Front” in full below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

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