classically trained dancer, curvyballerina, celebrates body and sex positivity at her baltimore-based fitness company balletafterdark

October 6, 2016

Curvyballerina (aka Tyde-Courtney Edward) is a classically trained ballerina from Baltimore and the Founding Director of BalletAfterDark, LLC—a ballet-inspired fitness company that encourages body positivity for all body types while celebrating and embracing sensuality and sexual confidence on the road to meeting fitness goals. Outside of the dance studio, Edward challenges body image standards and preaches sex positivity in a column for The Odyssey Online and by using “nudity as a platform for women to liberate themselves,” Edward tells AFROPUNK. Check out Curvyballerina across social media (links below!) and learn more about BalletAfterDark, here.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Instagram: @formerly_curvyballerina/@BalletAfterDark
Facebook: Tyde-Courtney Edwards/BalletAfterDark
Tumblr: Curvy-writes/ Curvyballerina1
Twitter: @curvyballerina

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