young tech entrepreneurs create buz app to make barber booking easy af

September 28, 2016

Black folks with short cuts know that finding the right barber can be an experience in and of itself. When I did my big chop, I quickly learned that I didn’t know what the hell I was going to do, maintenance wise. How do I find a barber that I trust? Word of mouth? Stop dudes on the street to ask who lines them up? Or just walk into any ‘ol shop with an enticing store front?

Well, a new startup app called BUZ promises to make the entire barber-search, appointment booking process much more efficient for clients, as well as making appointment, client, and revenue management that much easier for barbers and shop owners, too. Created by three young folks, Khalid Livingston, Khalil Brown, and Jonathan Forscher (who are all under 25-years-old), Team BUZ shares a passionate interest in the power of technology and how it can be positively utilized within the black community. “I wanted to solve a problem that I could relate to. Something that was authentic to my experiences. It’s more than about the convenience of getting a haircut. It’s about the people. I want to help these traditional small businesses thrive,” said Livingston.

While working on similar products independently, tech savvy Brown and Forscher were introduced to Livingston by a mutual friend, and together, their know-how, creativity, and passion created BUZ. “By building innovative and accessible technology that solve everyday problems for ordinary people, I strive to empower others to pursue their passions without disruption,” said Brown.

To learn more about BUZ or to try the beta, click HERE.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Photo credit: @shawn_barbz