viral comedienne quinta b. and friends struggle to make it big in la in new webseries ‘broke’

September 23, 2016

Quinta Brunson, the viral social media comedienne and Buzzfeed contributor, is releasing her debut scripted series entitled “Broke” via Youtube Red. The 26 year old Philadelphia native has been at the forefront of digital entertainment, with Vines, short video sketches, and memes dating back to 2014. Her biggest and most popular videos are a series called “The Girl Who’s Never Been On Nice Dates,” where she plays an extremely frugal woman, surprised at the prospect of her date making “large purchases” enough to exclaim the catchphrase “You got money.” It’s lovely to see a young Black woman following in the footsteps of digital creators like Issa Rae and getting the opportunity to tell their stories on their own terms. Growing up, Brunson was inspired by what she watched on television; now, it’s what she finds on the Internet. “I am now inspired by the work of my peers and people I truly admire, as well as good content,” she said. It’s safe to say that if she isn’t already, Quinta herself will be someone else’s inspiration for pursuing their dreams very soon.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor