Sex & Gender

offtharecord gets candid with trans and gender non-conforming folx in seattle at the 2016 gender odyssey

September 12, 2016

Trans(Formation)- Episode 1 In response to the epidemic of transphobia and trans related violence happening all around us, Off Tha Record packed up and headed out to Seattle to attend the 2016 Gender Odyssey conference. We invited Trans and Gender Non-Conforming attendees to speak candidly about their experiences with battling misgendering and facing layers of stigmas related to race and class. This episode features BB, Sebastian, and Georie. They discuss what it’s like being TPOC yet not always accepted as such due to their skin complexion which makes them white passing. They discuss their experience with blood quantum ideologies, identifying as two spirit, and living openly as TPOC in NW America.

By Sam Ramirez-Herrera/Offtharecord, AFROPUNK contributor

TRANS(FORMATION) from Offtharecord on Vimeo.