new music: chicago alt.-rock band ganser plays with extremes of noise and mood on “pyrrhic victory” #soundcheck

September 23, 2016

Chicago post-punk quartet Ganser has made a name for themselves on relentlessly analogue tracks that explore extremes of noise and mood. Their latest single, “Pyrrhic Victory” b/w “Sunk” splits this difference well. Leading with the slow build tension of “Pyrrhic Victory,” the band rides a tweaked out bass line with intensifying noise around Alicia Gaines’ ethereal voice, before collapsing into a single sine-wave synth line. “Sunk” focuses on the noisier side of the band, with a guitar line that would make Guy Picciotto proud. It’s an aggressive wail of noise that perfectly balances the more thoughtful title track. “Pyrrhic Victory” is the single off the band’s forthcoming EP This Feels Like Living.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor