glasgow-based, scottish-ghanaian photographer neal gruer shares politically charged spoken word piece ‘ever what it must be’

September 15, 2016

Glasgow-based Neal Gruer, a Scottish-Ghanaian multi-talented creative, recently released a spoken word piece entitled “Ever What It Must Be.” He wrote it as a, “response to the current atmosphere of social tensions in the US and UK” and addresses immigration, Brexit, capitalism, feminism, Black Lives Matter, chauvanism and “our tendency” to ignore the lessons of history. This piece is a reflection on the sociopolitical climate of the UK and Europe, and the broader impact that the West has on the diaspora internationally, is a masterful display of how spoken word and politics can combine to make beautiful art. In addition to poetry, Gruer is a photographer who was recently featured on Sky Arts’ Master of Photography, which is a tv competition series modeled after America’s Next Top Models, but for photography. To see more of Neal’s work, you can visit his website or his Instagram. His spoken word piece is available for streaming below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK contributor