5 reasons why a kaytranada-andre 3000 collaboration would be perfection

September 27, 2016

AFROPUNK BK 2015 alum Kaytranada has been making major waves, and yet another one is crashing upon his fans. As if his 0.001% mixtape wasn’t enough, Kaytra posted a selfie on snapchat with the ever elusive god MC Andre 3000. Though this doesn’t mean definitively that a collaboration is coming, here are 5 reasons why we need this to happen:

  1. Kaytranada makes jazzy rainbows, house-inspired R&B clouds and hip hop butterflies appear in sonic form.
  2. Every guest appearance Andre 3000 has made in the past decade has been pure, unadulterated heat and flame emojis.
  3. Both of the artists push the boundaries gender roles and are at the forefront of bringing alternative influences into hip hop music.
  4. Because the last time I danced to a 3 Stacks verse it was probably to John Legend’s Green Light remix (which is still a jam, but this collab would very likely blow it out of the water).
  5. Because by collaborating, they’re bringing the audio equivalent of #BlackBoyJoy to our lives. And in times like these, who couldn’t use a little more #BlackBoyJoy?

So hip hop gods, please let these two be making some jams and prayers up that we get something new sooner rather than later.

By T. McLendon

Image from Snapchat

Link to Kaytranada’s 0.001% mixtape: