video premiere: uk-based rock-pop group nova neon shares the daily struggle for self-actualization in new video for latest track ‘geek freak’

August 19, 2016

‘Don’t listen, don’t follow, be a geek, be a freak, be free with whoever you are’…

Today we’re premiering the latest video from London-based soul/pop/rock band NOVA NEON. Their most recent single ‘Geek Freak’ is an edgy homage to the daily struggle of self-actualization and routine, and with its enticing use of synth, variation, and intricately syncopated beats, the track transcends the average anthem of ally-ship, and creates a deeper, more effective sense of relatability,. 

The video itself follows the main character on her daily search for identity and belonging. Shot primarily in stills, coupled with the occasional shot of the group recording the track- creates a purposefully ‘jittery’ mood, adding to the tracks sense of repetition and never-ending cycle. The 5-piece group is one of explosive passion, and its dynamic, ‘ambient’ tracks provide a powerful, memorable, and emotive experience. ‘Geek Freak’ is no different, with its tight mix of catchy melody and transcendent mood, the true message of the project can be felt and understood. 

A video, and a track that speaks to more than just a condition, but a daily experience- watch and listen to Nova Neon’s ‘Geek Freak’ below!

By Cree B. McClellan, AFORPUNK contributor