rad creative of the day: nigeran fashion designer mai atafo melds era and texture in beautiful collection

August 3, 2016

Nigeria-based tailor and designer Mai Atafo showcased his classic designs at Lagos Fashion Week and it’s left a memorable mark on the local and international fashion scene. Starting with the Men’s, the clean cut suits add a new, modern definition to ‘dapper’. Fully set with an occasional corsage and pocket square, the designs draw on the nostalgic excellence of 1960’s trend of ‘dress to impress’. The Women’s style is just as impressive, if not more; also drawing on a traditional aesthetic, the pieces go an extra mile as they incorporate a chill, bohemian vibe; pairing extremely well. All of the designs are meticulously styled with obvious insight and taste; a beautiful collection that blends both era and texture. Check out his Lagos Fashion Week designs below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor