op-ed: pittsburg-based mentor and survivor of police brutality leon ford conquers victimhood and inspires communities across the country

August 11, 2016

On November 11th,2012 Leon Ford’s life was changed forever after being shot by the Pittsburgh police during a routine traffic stop. The unfortunate event left Leon paralyzed, however, he refuses to allow his experience to keep him down. Although Leon’s case is still undergoing and the information he can share with us is limited, we caught up with him to listen to his story and get a glimpse into his perspective. Leon is a mentor, he considers himself a survivor and a role model. His positivity and his words truly inspire us and remind us to keep on rising. Leon shared with us that he was determined to walk, since the filming of this video Leon has started taking steps again. Leon doesn’t like to see himself as a victim or focus on the negativity, instead he hopes to give young people this message:
“I am trying to change the world. I feel like a lot of people talk about solutions, but instead of talking about solutions, I’d rather become the solution.” – Leon Ford

By Sam Ramirez-Herrera/Offtharecord, AFROPUNK contributor

Video by Sam Ramirez-Herrera/Offtharecord