new music: electronic r&b singer mmyykk pays beautiful homage to love in his debut ep ‘love [in synthesis]

August 2, 2016

Minneapolis-based singer MMYYKK delivers a beautiful introduction with his debut EP ‘Love [In Synthesis]. In his 6-song long homage to love, the multifaceted singer/songwriter, instrumentalist, producer, and musical consultant tackles the most daunting of topics from an authentically enamored position. Sprinkling the project with a hearty electronic rhythm and eccentric beat, paired with his effortlessly smooth vocals, MMYYKK hypnotizes listeners. A treat to the senses, the true effect of love is unveiled, while the subtle fusion of old and new sounds adds a rooting solemnity when needed and a relaxing transcendence when not.
In his own words: “When one listens to this EP, I want them to feel that love energy. I want to synthesize that love within them through the music. It’s love in synthesis.”

A wonderful interpretation of love in its prime, MMYYKK’s musical future proves as bright as ever; Check out ‘Love[In Synthesis] below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor