feature: toronto-based digital artist blckgold revolutionized 3-d art with beautiful and vibrant brown characters

August 17, 2016

Remember Blckgold? Well, we just had to feature him again. The London-born, Canada-based visual artist is killing the game again and again with his detailed 3-D characters. Not only is the work highly impressive, but his subjects are as diverse as they come; pulling influence from the African diaspora and collaborating with 2D illustrator Gyimah Gariba to produce futuristic yet modern pieces of art. His technique: using Adobe Suite and a combination of Zbrush, Modo, and Keyshot- his pieces exude personality and vibrancy. In the world of 3-D animation, we rarely see Black and brown faces, so along with his immense talent, Blckgold (akaSimon ‘Sy’ Blake) provides yet another platform for representation and Black expression. Keep an eye out for what he does next, and take a look at some of his best pieces below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor