feature: rio-based rap group família zero bala connects with their roots in new track ‘brasil áfrica’

August 2, 2016

Rio’s rap group Família Zero Bala launched the music video for their latest song ‘Brasil África’ this month. Greatly anticipated by fans, the music and the video continue to feed into what we call “an african consciousness awakening” in Brazil’s hip hop scene. More and more we have seen rappers, artists and producers not only addressing poverty as their life condition, but trying to link that to what happened in the past-in the slavery times- making sure black people know their african ancestral values; their ancestral force and beauty.
This new Familia Zero Bala’s song, steadily positions itself against mass incarceration of black people, and the projects to reduce the age of criminal responsibility. In doing that, ‘Brasil África’ also connects several black liberation movements around the world- mentioning freedom fighters across generations, and showing that our fight didn’t start today and we have a lot to take pride in as we remember those who fought before us.Watch the video below and follow Familia Zero Bala .

By Robin Batista*, AFROPUNK contributor

*Robin Batista is a Brazilian designer and AFROPUNK’s contributor. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.