feature: rio-based photographer bruno gomes grants gorgeously unapologetic representation of those black and brown in new, necessary editorial ‘darkskin’

August 16, 2016

‘…As a photographer decided to do something different, I had my vision and language to portray black skin as something extraordinary and beautiful.’

In a time virtually saturated with the goals, and narratives of cultural deprecation, it is overwhelmingly necessary for a positive, progressive outlet. In the new editorial ‘DARKSKIN’, from Rio-based photographer Bruno Gomes, the cruciality of representation is recognized, transformed, and expressed its highest potential. Truly outdoing himself, Gomes captures the true essence of black and brown culture, and makes it fashionable and accessible. 

While he plays with color, texture, and level- the subjects fiercely, unapologetically stand their ground – in their element, and planted firmly and proudly in their skin. The use of natural variety works to unearth the many forms and layers of dark skin, and by granting both the models, and the viewers the opportunity to change the narrative of their skin and culture, the photographer does more than capture stunning pictures, he shifts the power into the hands of those under scrutiny. Gomes artistically raised his voice, and fist in the name of a different narrative- a counter narrative.

Titling the project ‘DARKSKIN’- he completely exposes his purpose- leaving no room for reinterpretation or oblivion, and adding yet another layer of reclamation. Working in an environment- and country- where the concept of black beauty is both spread and countered, this Brazilian artist is an answer to the call. A statement, and a crucial fuel to the fire – ‘DARKSKIN’ takes an extra step, voicing its message across many mediums.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor

Photography: Bruno Gomes

Makeup: Jully Victorino 


Vivian Nascimento
Jully Victorino
Marcos Rosa
David Lannes
Matheus Fox
Célia Samara
Thainá Azevedo
Mel Oliveira
Bianca Gabriel
Naomi Nicolau
Diego Esnat Sant’Anna