feature: new photo series ‘flores raras’ from brazilian photographer vinicius terranova masterfully showcases black beauty all along the spectrum

August 5, 2016

‘My art represents the beauty in diversity and both the literal and symbolic extensions of empowerment.’

26-year old Vinicius Terranova is taking the photography scene by storm with his ever-progressing snapshots of reality and beauty. A he shapes his visions- basing them off of his surroundings and societal climate- the São Paulo -based photographer leaves ample room for interpretation, while utilizing all aspects of his subjects. In his latest series ‘Flores Raras’ Terranova features two African albino twins and their older sister. As he balances the richness of the twins’ complexion with the equally stunning, equally rich complexion of their non-albino sister, a Yin and Yang association is created, and the two concepts are placed into striking harmony. With ample focus on the relationships between the girls, the love and dependence is undeniable; creating a deeper meaning to the piece as a whole.’Flores Raras’- with its minimalistic setting and passion- filled candidness- is a true representation of innocence and the power of contrast. Now fully permeating the fashion world, the trio are making major leads; making themselves known, and expanding the boundaries of beauty. Check out their work in ‘Flores Raras’ below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor


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