FEATURE: LA-based writer/filmmaker Darnell Lamont Walker recognizes the impact of police brutality on Black youth in new children’s book ‘I Hate That I Have to Tell You’

August 24, 2016
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Writer and filmmakerDarnell Lamont Walker has brought a powerful, touching narrative to that which no one ever wants to have to address. In this societal climate of splattering Black lives, the roars for Black Lives Mattering has grown to an all-time high. Among the protests and movements- though we preach for the futures of then youth, do we really take into account all they absorb?

Thanks to the media, there proves little escape from exposure, and for the youngest of society, we must take the time to gently translate the realities of the world in terms they can understand. A tough, emotional task to tackle, Darnell Lamont Walker has answered the call with his new children’s book ‘I Hate That I Have to Tell You‘. A gift to Black Children everywhere, the piece serves a an initiation for recognition and a solemn tribute to those passed. Both educational and beautifully illustrated- ‘I Hate That I Have to Tell You’ is a touching homage to the most susceptible of our communities. The babies. Walker’s work is arguably some of the most important on the scene today; the children are the future, and the more woke they are, the better- no matter how much it hurts. This book will strike a lot of chords for a lot of readers, and its poetically potent foundation will make up for the tragic subject matter; just the fact that this work is around, is foreshadowing of an imminent shift. Check out some visuals and purchase the masterpiece below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor



Book: http://darnellwalker.com/product/i-hate-that-i-have-to-tell-you/

eBook: http://darnellwalker.com/product/i-hate-that-i-have-to-tell-you-ebook/