feature: director bobby j. brown presents both the brilliant and the dark side of genius in parliament funkadelic documentary ‘tear the roof off’

August 17, 2016

In the recently published documentary by award-winning director Bobby J. Brown, the rise and fall of the greatest funk band ever is placed into the spotlight yet again.‘Tear the Roof Off’ is a raw, authentic account of the truth behind the one and only Parliament Funkadelic.

As the film unearths the dark side of fame, contrasting it with the genius and enlightenment of creation- the gifts granted by the band is given a whole new weight, a whole new meaning. Yes, we all know the timeless anthems like ‘Give up the funk’ with the ever eccentric frontman George Clinton– and if you don’t it’s time to get woke- but this documentary unveils another layer to their contribution, and a deeper meaning to their movement.

With Clinton still going strong- set to take the stage at this years AFROPUNK Brooklyn- and the resurfacing of the funk movement, and all its accompaniments, this film is as timely as ever; serving as a bridge between eras, and an education to fans of all lengths. ‘Tear the Roof Off’ is an extremely important documentation of one of the most influential periods of musical history, and an even more important representation of the truths of the industry, and how those who overcame disparities were able to bask in the glory of their success and influence- however productive, or harmful.

Genius, is genius, and deserves to be preserved and recognized- it is features such as Brown’s that help stories get told and legacy upheld. Check out the trailer for ‘Tear the Roof Off’, and reintroduce yourself to Parliament Funkadelic below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor